Cityscapes story

Hand printed and illustrated in England, Cityscapes by Julia Gash are a wonderful reflection of famous global landmarks, seen through her eyes. The ever-growing collection fuses two of her greatest loves - art and travel.

Drawn in a naïve style, her interest in architectural detail and the shape and character of a building is an honest, playful and unique interpretation of the world we live in. Her map like drawings describe the character of a specific place and within that, the individuality of a building. A cyclist with a hat can be found in all of her prints and this little man symbolises Julia, travelling around the world through her drawings.

Let's hear the story behind Cityscapes from Julia:

"In 2013 a British retailer asked me to design a set of printed tote bags based around the theme of London. I went to a business meeting in south London and crossing the river thames by bus, the panoramic view of the River Thames caught my breath. I knew I had to take this vision into a drawing. This is how I started designing Cityscapes.

Hong Kong, Paris and New York quickly followed. As I travelled around the world for business I drew more and more cities and put the designs onto bags. When I couldn’t get there in person, I googled my way around the globe.

Water is an important feature in my cityscape designs, and with that, bridges. I love the repeat pattern made by the arches and how they connect different land masses. 

I am fascinated by buildings: the materials that they are built with: stone, brick, wood or concrete. I am intrigued by how they huddle together or reach up to the sky. Walking around a city I often stop for a moment to take in the beauty of a building, it may be a big, ugly structure or an opulent façade, it doesn’t matter which, it will still draw me in. As I draw buildings I am completely lost within their structure and decorative details. 

When I really started drawing my Cityscapes I was actually a little girl of eight years old. My father had brought a trailer tent and as a family we travelled around Europe on holiday each summer. He was a printer and sign-writer and he was always giving me and my sisters paper and pens to draw with. We drew and wrote about what we had seen on every day that we travelled throughout Europe, from paris to Salzburg to Venice to Nice.  I still have the book that I created and it’s clear that this is where my Cityscape career began!"

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