A fine selection of totes, purses and more for only £5...

'Magical Forest' by Josie Shenoy

Josie's intricate pencil drawing, collage and traditional print methods are combined to create a magical forest of rich colour.


Leslie Astor pays homage to Britain's favourite veggies in her fun and funky range...

'Cityscapes' by Julia Gash

Designer and Talented founder, Julia Gash's passions are art and travel. Her Cityscapes fuse these two loves as they depict places around the world seen through her eyes.

Talented collaborates with emerging designers each season to create a fresh and dynamic range of sustainable printed totes and ethical accessories.  We celebrate the bag as an art form!

We’re green, clean and passionate about print …
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Commission your own Cityscape of your building, neighbourhood or city …
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Brighton Is Talented City!

Brighton Is Talented City!

  •   02/10/2015
  •   Vivian Zhang

If there is one city I would like to settle down in, it h...

‘What caught your eye?’

‘What caught your eye?’

  •   25/09/2015
  •   Stuart Williams

After a brief interlude of just 12 years, I am delighted ...