Leslie Astor

Leslie Astor's ethos is to make more, buy less, and cultivate the creative spirit in daily family life. And this is definitely something that Talented can get behind! Leslie’s collection of whimsical vegetable illustrations look beautiful on our brightly colored cotton canvas totes, and are perfect for trips to the grocery store, farmer’s market, library, or anywhere you’ll find fellow vegetable lovers. 

Tell us a bit about your Talented range – how would you describe your style?

I’d describe my style for these designs as both light and bold; the images are fun and whimsical, but also strong and really pop off of the bags.

What inspires you?

For this range, I first drew inspiration from weekly trips to the Grand Army Plaza farmer’s market in Brooklyn, where my family and I lived for over a decade. Every Saturday we’d walk there to stock up on the local, seasonal offerings. It was always a visual feast of colours and textures. Now, living on a farm in the Cotswolds, I continue to get daily inspiration from the stunning flora and fauna that surrounds us. I hope I never take the beauty of where we live for granted!

What’s the best thing about showcasing your artwork on a bag?

I’d say the best thing is having the ability to reach a large and varied audience. Tote bags have become a great way for artists and illustrators of all kinds to get their work seen by lots of people. For a long time, I rarely saw totes with anything other than business logos on them; now they’ve evolved into cool accessories and portable works of art.

What else do you do outside of Talented? And in your spare time?

I’m a mom to three school aged boys at the moment, so most of my time is spent looking after a home and standing on the edge of a football pitch. But because I love to spend all my spare time making things, I’ve recently started teaching crafting workshops in the Cotswolds. I’ve done a bath bomb making class, and plan on doing additional workshops in embroidery, weaving, soap making, and more. 

What’s next for you?

I’m putting most of my spare time into my crafting workshops right now, though I’ve also got a sustainable crafts book project slowly simmering on the back burner. 

Where can people find more of your artwork? (website, blog, etc.)

I sell knitting accessories on Etsy at www.astorknit.etsy.com

You can find out more about my workshops on my new website Leslie Astor Handmade www.leslieastorhandmade.com