Cherith Harrison

Cherith Harrison is an Edinburgh-based designer and print-maker who creates fun and quirky conversational pieces for anyone who loves animals, Scottishness and colour. Here's what she had to say about her Talented range...

Tell us a bit about your Talented range – how would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as quirky and fun. Anyone who loves a bit of colour, Scottishness and animals need look no further!

For the Talented range I wanted my bags to be bright and eyecatching. Over the years I have generated a huge archive of illustrations and rough sketches (some of which have gone on to become original screen printed artworks), and I really wanted to revisit some of those designs, particularly my birds as I thought they would look fabulous on the front of bags!

What inspires you?

I am inspired by lots of things, but mainly nature and wildlife. I enjoy drawing different animals and find their often quirky characteristics interesting, and I like to try capture that. I start my drawings by looking for patterns within the subject matter, which I deliberately exaggerate through scale and colour to help give the overall image a sense of character, beauty and vibrancy. I am inspired by all things Scottish, and I love taking what most people consider to be 'traditionally Scottish' and making it into something quirky and youthful. However, saying that, I don't restrict myself to 'Scottish' subjects, I have a couple of cacti and Canadian geese in my sketchbooks!

I don't purposefully go out seeking inspiration - usually when I am out walking is when I tend to get my ideas. I'm a big day dreamer too, which I think has its creative advantages! However, if I am struggling to get my creative juices flowing then a session or 2 at the print makers gets me going. I always get loads of ideas when in the print studio.

What’s the best thing about showcasing your artwork on a bag?

Seeing my designs go from being in a sketchbook, to screen printed form on paper is one thing. But to see them being transferred onto bags and other practical items such as tea towels and mugs, really excites me.

What else do you do outside of Talented? And in your spare time?

When I'm not sourcing materials/suppliers, coming up with new designs, doing the books, the advertising, packing and dispatching orders, I am doing very little else!

In my spare time, when I get it, I enjoy visiting old furniture shops and junkyards. I'm always on the lookout for props that I can use in shows and trade events, as well as for my home! If there is an antique fair or car boot sale on….you're sure to find me there!

To relax, I love nothing more than to watch a good film, with a glass (or 4) of great wine with my wonderful husband.

What’s next for you?

I'll soon start designing a Christmas range, so far this will include cards and party drinks mats. I have a trade show in September so I really need to get a move on...

I'm also about to create a new collection of bag designs for BIDBI's client WWF. These will feature several endangered species, very excited about that! I'll soon be selling on Not on the High Street after the summer too - just needing to get new product shots taken!

I am exhibiting in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 4 days (15th-18th August) at a busy craft market in The Westbank, so I have that to prepare for. Fingers crossed the weather is nice as it is an outdoor event!

Where can people find more of your artwork? (website, blog, etc.)

I have a number of stockists in the UK (mainly in Scotland) so you're best to get in touch with me if you would like to know where you can buy my products. You can keep up to date with my news by liking me on Facebook and following me on Twitter.

My products and more information about what I do can be found at my website:

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