About Us

Talented is a British, sustainable accessories and giftware brand, which celebrates the bag as an art form.  We work closely with pioneering designers and illustrators to create exclusive collaborations onto cotton, canvas totes.

Our affordable, ethical and on-trend accessories, gifts and home wares range champion the traditional craft of print.  Innovation is at the heart of our brand as are the green and clean business model that underpins everything we do.

We can create exclusive collections for retailers.  Our customizable Cityscapes Collection designed by Talented’s founder and head designer, Julia Gash can be found in shops at flagship museum and heritage gift shops, airport stores and destination, lifestyle boutiques all around the world.  Talented and Cityscape bags can be bought in shops as far south as the Falklands Islands up to Orkney Islands and Quebec in the north, from Los Angeles in the west to Tokyo in the east. Talented loves the world and the world loves Talented.